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Workforce Solutions by Industry - Education Workgroup

Education Industry Workgroup

Address the workforce needs of local school districts by increasing the quantity and improving the quality of the workforce. Review the Summary of Goals and Successes (PDF) for the current workgroup.

Strategic Priorities

  1. Enhance Educational Capacity and Open Access to Career Opportunities in Education
    • Define a regional baseline and expectation for teacher quality and effectiveness.
    • Improve the talents and skills of graduates from area teacher education and certification programs both traditional and alternative to immediately enter classrooms.
    • Engage Education Preparation Providers in the establishment of an industry-supported "gold standard" of training and experience expectations

  2. Address the Internal Challenge, the Work Environment
    • mprove hiring practices to increase the number of applicants in chronically short occupations such as the skilled trades or non-instructional professional positions.
    • Align campus-level capacity to screen, hire and develop new employees with district goals, expectations and processes.
    • Integrate hiring practices with development practices to retain and continually improve workforce.
    • Create well-defined career pathways and retention strategies for instructional and non-instructional staff.
    • Align compensation with other industries that have similar demanding expectations and environments.

  3. Market Career Opportunities in Education
    • Increase the number of individuals preparing to be teachers, particularly teachers of math and science, bilingual, foreign language, and health science.
    • Establish a uniform regional message and marketing strategy to achieve this increase

Project Collateral and Research

Skilled Craft Trades Research (PDF)
Teacher Preparation and Quality Standards Report (PDF)
Career Pathway (PDF)

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