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Bridging the Gap

At Workforce Solutions, it is our mission to help employers meet workforce needs and help individuals build and grow careers. We work hard to make a difference in our jobs to achieve these goals, and we appreciate the hard work you put in each day. It does not go unnoticed.

While it's difficult to be an "expert" on what each piece of the Workforce Solutions system does, it is beneficial to both you and our customers that staff be knowledgable about what we do!

As discussed in the third I AM Workforce Solutions principle of customer service, understanding the resources available throughout our system helps us deliver quality customer service to every individual in need of our assistance.

I AM Workforce Solutions

Staff members' daily work exemplifies the principles of good customer service:

  • I AM Workforce Solutions to my customer
  • I use my customer's perspective to guide my work
  • I understand the resources available throughout our system
  • I can always help my customer even when I have to say "no"
  • I learn from my mistakes and gain a better understanding of how to help my customer

Did You Know?

Understanding the roles of each entity in the Workforce Solutions system improves internal communication and ensures we can confidently say "I AM Workforce Solutions" to our customers. Through a series of trainings called Did You Know, we review each piece of our system with you and work to unify our language with customers on all fronts.

Did You Know

Catch the Vision

Through a series of short video messages, Mike Temple, Director of the Gulf Coast Workforce Board, talks with us about each of the I AM Workforce Solutions principles of customer service. Turn up the volume, and enjoy!

Video 1  -  Video 2  -  Video 3  -  Video 4  -  Video 5  -  Video 6


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