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13-16 Cooperation Rules and Procedures



WS 13-16

May 9, 2013

Basic and Expanded Service

Expires:  Continuing



Career Offices
Financial Aid Call Centers/Processing Centers
Financial Aid Payment Office


Mike Temple
Lucretia Hammond


Subject:  Cooperation Rules and Procedures


Revise Cooperation Rules and Procedures to remove time limits and core/non-core distinctions on activities for customers tagged in TANF.

Introduce procedures for contacting the Health and Human Service Commission (HHSC) Regional Support Team.

This issuance replaces WS 12-16: Revised Cooperation Rules and Procedures.


Periodically we change the rules requiring customers tagged in TANF to work, prepare for work, or look for work in order to continue receiving benefits. We talk to our customers about required “cooperation”.  The most recent changes reflect an added emphasis on paid work.  We want to help each of our customers find the best job possible with the skills they have and we want to measure our effectiveness by how many customers go to work.


  1. Time Limits - TANF
    •  We removed time limits on the following activities for customers tagged in TANF:
      • Job search and job readiness assistance
      • Community service
      • Work experience
      • Vocational educational training
      • Job skills training
      • Post-employment services
    • Due to the removal of time limits and core/non-core distinctions, staff members now have the flexibility to design individualized employment plans utilizing a variety of activities and durations to help customers find a job, keep a job or get a better
    • At a minimum, staff members must evaluate the customer's progress in a particular activity monthly.  Staff members must determine whether the customer should remain in the activity or transition to a different activity. Staff must document progress and changes in the customer's TWIST employment plan and counselor notes.
  2. HHSC Regional Support Team
    • On occasion, HHSC may not change a customer's work code or take an action as requested.  Oftentimes, Workforce Solutions staff needs to contact HHSC in order to resolve the issue.  HHSC has implemented a centralized unit (Regional Support Team) to handle such requests.
    • Before contacting the HHSC Regional Support Team, follow the procedures outlined below:
      • Continue to submit 2583 or 1817 as appropriate.
      • Continue to initiate penalties through TWIST when necessary.
      • Allow HHSC sufficient time to process action (usually 5 business days).
      • If HHSC does not complete an action as requested, email the HHSC Regional Support Team -
        • Include the following information:
          • Customer's Name
          • HHSC Case#
          • Specific issue
        • When circumstances require immediate action, include "Need by (Date)" or "Urgent" in the subject line of email.
        • If there are multiple inquiries, email each issue separately.


o   Make sure all office managers, supervisors, and staff are aware of and implement these new procedures effective May 09, 2013. 

o  The updated Cooperation Rules and Procedures can be found on the web here.


Staff should first ask questions of their managers or supervisors.  Direct questions for Board staff to the staff web Q&A at Contract Management in the Staff Resources.

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