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13-17 Customer Service Staff Awards


WS 13-17


May 29, 2013



Workforce Solutions Contractors


Mike Temple
Lucretia Hammond


Customer Service Staff Awards


Update the Gulf Coast Workforce Board's Awards for staff recognition.  This Issuance replaces Issuance 11-01 Honeycomb Awards

Recognizing Staff

For several years, we recognized exceptional work and innovative programs that improve our work at both the individual and group level.   You told us in workgroups and at roundtable office visits that it is time to update our criteria, the process for recognizing exceptional work, and the name of the award.   We will recognize staff members whose work every day exemplifies the principles of good customer service:

  • I AM Workforce Solutions to my customer
  • I use my customer's perspective to guide my work
  • I understand the resources available throughout our system
  • I can always help my customer even when I have to say "no"
  • I learn from my mistakes and gain a better understanding of how to help my customer

Award Process

Each Workforce Solutions contractor will publicize this program and encourage staff in the office/units they manage to nominate someone who exemplifies the best Workforce Solutions customer service as described in the I AM Workforce Solutions principles.  The nomination must include an example of the staff member’s good customer service and explain how the example and the nominee’s everyday work relate to our principles.   

  1. Each contractor will determine how to recognize people nominated within its organization.  Contractor management will forward the organization’s best nominations to the Regional Management Team. 
  2. The Regional Management Team will review the forwarded nominations and select one outstanding staff member.

A poster with a picture of the staff member selected will go to each office to introduce the winner throughout the system.  We will also recognize the winners at Workforce Board meetings.


  1. Develop and inform your staff of the new criteria and nomination process for your organization.
  2. Explain to staff that the Regional Management team will select a staff member to receive the Customer Service Award from the best nominations forwarded to them. 
  3. Begin collecting nominations from members of your organization no later than Monday, June 17, 2013.
  4. Submit your organization's best nominations to the Regional Management Team for consideration at the July meeting. Submit the nominations at the time the Regional Management team chair asks for agenda items.     


Staff should ask questions first of their supervisors.  Direct questions to the Board staff through the Submit a Question link posted with the issuance on the website at Contract Management.


Customer Service Award Nomination information  Workforce Solutions Logo       Customer Service Award Nomination We want to recognize staff who are models of the kind of customer service in the I AM Workforce Solutions principles.  People whose work provides an exceptional example of these principles may work in any part, or position, in the system. You may submit the nomination in any form - on paper, video, power point, other……  Your organization will tell you where to send the nomination.  Each organization will submit its best nominees to the Regional Management Team, which will select the winner. The person nominated must have demonstrated that she/he understands and practices the I AM Workforce Solutions customer service principles Information about the person you are nominating:

  • Name of nominee
  • Position and office location
  • The nominees' job title and primary job functions
  • Picture of the nominee (high-resolution images only (i.e. EPS, TIFF or JPG)
  • Explain why you are nominating this person. Describe what the person does that made you want to nominate her/him.
  • How does your nominee's work relate to the I AM Workforce Solutions principles?
    • Explain how she/he demonstrates the principles every day
    • You may also choose to explain how a specific incident demonstrates the principles

Information about the person making the nomination:

  • Name and office location
  • Your work association with the nominee
    • If you work together regularly, explain the relationship.
    • If you worked together on a project, explain a little about the project and tell us how you worked together.
    • Tell us if your nominee is your supervisor or if you supervise the nominee.

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