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13-26 Discontinuing the Elevate America Veterans Initiative


WS 13-26

October 21, 2013

Basic and Expanded Service

Expires:  Continuing



Career Offices
Financial Aid Payment Office


Mike Temple
David Baggerly
LMichelle Ramirez


Discontinuing the Elevate America Veterans Initiative


This issuance provides instruction for discontinuing Elevate America Veterans Initiative.  Issuance 11-29 - Elevate America Veterans Initiative expires October 31, 2013.


The Microsoft Corporation, in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Labor, provided training and certification packages in five areas of the country to U.S. military veterans through the Elevate America Veterans Initiative.  Houston is one of the areas currently participating in the initiative.  The initiative will conclude on October 31, 2013.


The Elevate America Veterans Initiative voucher contains three codes.  These codes have expiration dates.  The customer must activate the service by the expiration date.

Voucher Code

Expiration Date

Elearning Code

October 31, 2013

Test-prep Code

February 28, 2014

Certification Exam Code

February 28, 2014

  Effective November 1, 2013 the e-learning codes to take the Microsoft technology courses will be inactive.  Career offices will discontinue eligibility determination, TWIST enrollment, and voucher distribution pertaining to the Elevate America Veterans Initiative.  Career office staff must be aware that customers who receive and activate vouchers prior to November 1, 2013 have one year from the date of activation to complete the e-learning courses.  (For example, if a customer activates a voucher on October 31, 2013, he or she could continue to access those e-learning materials until October 30, 2014.)  Although customers may continue to access e-learning courses for one year, all test-prep codes and certification exam codes will expire on February 28, 2014.   Prior to February 28, 2014, if a customer has completed the e-learning courses but has not received or needs new test-prep or certification exam codes, contact Omar Fortune ( for the appropriate code.  Report final voucher distribution totals following normal procedures to your Elevate America liaison.  Beginning November 1, 2013, staff will shred all remaining vouchers and remove any posters and/or informational materials for Elevate America.  If the customer has open services in TWIST, continue to provide services as appropriate.  If the customer reports their certification or job placement information to you – enter the information in TWIST Performance Data as with any customer.


  1. Effective November 1, 2013:
    1. discontinue Elevate America voucher distribution
    2. shred remaining vouchers
    3. remove posters and informational materials
  2. Report final voucher distribution totals
  3. Continue to update TWIST records


Staff should first ask questions of their managers or supervisors.  Direct questions for Board staff to the staff web Q&A at Contract Management in the Staff Resources.

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