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15-01 Service for Veterans


WS 15-01 - Revised

February 25, 2015

Basic & Expanded Services, Financial Aid

Expires:  Continuing



All Contractors


Mike Temple
David Baggerly
Lucretia Hammond


Service for Veterans


Provide guidance for serving veterans and their families.

This issuance also provides procedures for greeting and screening customers seeking service, whether in person or via telephone, and referring them to the appropriate staff for assistance.

This issuance replaces Issuance WS 15-01 Service for Veterans.  


We always work diligently to give each of our customers the best combination of services he or she wants to get a job, keep a job or get a better job by having qualified staff available to assist them.  

We want to make sure that veterans know

  • the resources we have to help them, and
  • they are a priority for Workforce Solutions 

For the purpose of this guidance, a veteran is an individual who meets the definition of a veteran or an eligible spouse of a veteran.

Changes in Roles and Responsibilities

  1. The job title for Disabled Veterans’ Outreach Program (DVOP) staff has changed to Veterans Career Advisor (Career Advisors). Career Advisors are responsible for working with and providing services to eligible veterans and qualified spouses of eligible veterans who have one or more qualifying factors. Career Advisors will:
    • Serve only eligible veterans and qualified spouses who meet one of the following qualifying factors:
      • Veterans Age 18 through 24
      • Special disabled or disabled veterans who:
        • Are entitled to compensation (or who but for the receipt of military retirement pay would be entitled to compensation) under the laws administered by the Secretary of Veterans Affairs. Or,
      • Were discharged or released from active duty because of a service-connected disability
      • Homeless
      • Recently separated service member who has been unemployed for 27 or more weeks in the previous 12 months
      • An offender, who is currently incarcerated or who has been released from incarceration
      • Lacking a high school diploma or GED
      • Low income – For Example – A family of 1 with an annual income less than $11,670 or a family of 4 with an annual income less than $26,805
      • Service members who have not met Career Readiness Standards, as documented on Form DD-2958, Service Member Career Readiness Standards/Individual Transition Plan, signed by their commander
      • Active duty service members being involuntarily separated through a service reduction-in-force
    • Outreach veterans at facilities such as VA hospitals, treatment facilities, and warrior transition units.
  2. Veterans or veteran spouses who are not qualified for assistance from Career Advisors continue to receive priority of service and will receive service from other career office staff.
  3. The job title for Local Veterans’ Employment Representative (LVER) staff has changed to Veterans’ Employment Liaison (Employment Liaisons). Employment Liaisons coordinate with Employer Service to advocate with business, industry, and other community-based organizations for all veterans served through Workforce Solutions by participating in appropriate activities, including:
    • conducting employer outreach;
    • planning and participating in job and career fairs;
    • conducting job searches and workshops;
    • establishing job search groups in conjunction with employers; and
    • informing federal contractors of the process to recruit qualified veterans.

Employment Liaisons do not provide assistance to customers in the office.

Revised Procedures

  1. Encourage veterans to let us know who they are.  Continue to display the large, standing posters at the entry way of each office.
  2. If a customer states he or she is or may be a qualifying veteran, staff will help the customer self identify as meeting one or more of the qualifying groups listed on the Veteran Identification Flyer.

    If a veteran self-identifies that one or more of the qualifying factors apply, staff will direct the customer to the first available Career Advisor.  If a Career Advisor is not available, give the customer the option to:
    • make an appointment to see a Career Advisor,
    • wait until a Career Advisor is available, or
    • visit or speak with another Workforce Solutions staff member.
    If the veteran does not self-identify that one or more of the qualifying factors apply, refer the customer to the next available staff member who can provide the assistance the customer is seeking. 

    Note: Special Interim Consideration
    • Many veterans are accustomed to receiving assistance from veteran staff in our offices. A customer may insist upon seeing a veteran staff member even though none of the factors on the Veteran Identification Flyer apply.
    • Allow the customer to see the Career Advisor. The Career Advisor will explain the new procedures and personally escort the customer to other staff for assistance.

  3. As with all customers, staff will assure the quality of veterans' WorkInTexas applications when they provide assistance.
  4. Staffing Specialists must run a Veteran Batch for all first day job postings paying over $9.00 per hour and contact qualified veterans about the job. They must also put a note in the notepad that says they ran the batch and indicate the number of qualified veterans they contacted about the posting.
    • If the job pays less than $9.00 per hour, a specialist does not have to run a vet batch. Post a note saying, "No Vet batch search. Low wage job with no interested veterans."
  5. Staffing Specialists and other staff working first-day job postings must contact and refer qualified veterans who match a job posting before contacting and referring other qualified applicants.

Action Required

  1. Please make sure all staff at every level are aware and understand their roles in serving veterans and their families.
  2. Make sure the veteran posters are at the office entry and that someone is responsible for making sure they are always well maintained.
  3. Make sure staff use the updated Veteran Identification Flyer and Veteran Service Desk Aid.
  4. Make sure all staff know the procedures for veteran priority and apply them appropriately.


Staff should first ask questions of their managers or supervisors. 

Staff should ask questions of their supervisors first.  Direct questions for Board staff through the Submit a Question link.


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