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15-06 Education and Training Vendor Network


WS 15-06

April 1, 2015

Financial Aid

Expires:  Continuing



All Contractors


Mike Temple
David Baggerly
Lucretia Hammond


Education and Training Vendor Network


Transmit the system's revised Education and Training Vendor Network Standards


Workforce Solutions financial aid includes help with education related expenses so that customers can get a job, keep a job, or get a better job.  We provide education related payments through scholarships for tuition, fees, and books at vendors and programs approved in our Education and Training Vendor Network.

  The Financial Aid Payment Office reviews, approves and denies vendor applications to provide basic and/or occupational skills training to customers.  The Payment Office also monitors vendors and provides them support and technical assistance. 

Network Standards and Guidelines

The vendor standards provide guidance on:

  • The types of education/training vendors we solicit for the network
  • How vendors apply to offer training or education for our customers
  • How we evaluate vendors' performance
  • How we remove vendors from the network and how a vendor may appeal such an action
  • Special circumstances applicable to education and training vendors

  The revised standards and guidelines make the following changes:

  1. Add an Upgrade Training category to occupational skills
  2. Make adjustments in how we monitor and assess vendors' program performance

The payment office continuously adds new providers and programs and makes changes to existing ones.  Staff should periodically review the network for updates.    Staff should direct vendors to the Financial Aid Payment Office for answers to questions and concerns related to application procedures, high-skill/high-growth occupations and targeted industries, performance, payments and other issues.



Staff should ask questions of their supervisors first.  Direct questions for Board staff through the Issuance Q&A.



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