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16-02 - Revised - Child Care Parent Agreement and Parent Handbook


WS 16-02 - Revised

September 30, 2016

Financial Aid  

Expires:  Continuing



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Financial Aid Payment Office
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Mike Temple
David Baggerly
Lucretia Hammond


Child Care Parent Agreement and Parent Handbook


This issuance provides revisions to  Parent Agreement form and an updated Parent Handbook


Due to changes in the rules governing financial aid for child care, we revised the Parent Agreement form.  There are two Parent Agreement forms.  One is the Parent Agreement – Choices and SNAP E&T and the other Parent Agreement covers all other customers receiving financial aid for child care.  We also revised the Parent Handbook, to bring this information in line with new procedures and guidelines.


  1. Make sure staff remove the old Parent Handbook and Parent Agreement forms and begin using the new forms and instructions effective immediately.
  2. Make sure all staff knows how to help a customer apply for financial aid for child care without requiring the customer to come to the office.
  3. Make sure staff knows how to help a customer use the Child Care Automated Attendance tracking system.


Staff should ask questions of their supervisors first.  Direct questions for Board staff through the Submit a Question link.

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