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17-02 - Recruiter Job Description


WS 17-02

March 15, 2017

Contract Management

Expires:  Continuing





Mike Temple
David Baggerly
Lucretia Hammond


Recruiter Job Description


Distribute revised job description and updated performance expectations for recruiters in the Workforce Solutions system.  Additionally, provide guidance for the supervision and oversight of recruiters.


In 2016, representatives from different Workforce Solutions partners (career office contractors, employer service, Learning Designs and Board staff) worked to revise job description and performance expectations for the staffing specialists.

This issuance transmits the revised job description, new performance expectations and instruments for assessing performance of staff against the new expectations. 

Key Changes

  • The job title of the staffing specialist has been changed to recruiter.  This change aligns the position title with the primary focus of the recruiter to work job postings to find the skilled workers that will fill employers’ job openings. 
  • Revised performance expectations include:
    • Actively recruiting on 80 – 100 new postings each month
    • Average monthly direct placement goal
      • Recruiter I (Workforce Development Specialist (WDS) I) Proficient = between 6 and
      • Recruiter II (WDS II) Proficient = between 8 and 10
      • Recruiter III (WDS III) Proficient = between 10 and 12
      • Recruiter IV (WDS IV) Proficient = between 12 and 15
  • Revised supervisory review instruments:
    • Customer Service Review form
    • Work Applications and Referral Review instrument


You can find the following desk aids related to recruiting and searching for qualified candidates at the Employer Service page:

  • Search for Qualified Candidates
  • When to Recruit
  • Recruiter Guide



  1. Contractors must make sure that office managers, supervisors, and staff understand the primary focus for recruiters is to fill employer job postings by finding and referring qualified candidates.
  2. Supervisors must discuss and administer the new job description and performance measures with the Recruiters you supervise as soon as possible but no later than April 1, 2017.    

You will be required to close out existing TWC PPRs and generate new ones due to the changes in performance expectations.


  1. Workforce Solutions Job Description - Recruiter
  2. Supervisor Review Guide for Recruiters
  3. Supervisory Review - Applications, Job Referral, and Postings
  4. Customer Service Review Form



Staff should first ask questions of their managers or supervisors.  Direct questions to the Board staff through the  Submit a Question.

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