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17-09 Service for Individuals Experiencing Homelessness


WS 17-09

June 15, 2017

Basic/Expanded Service

Expires:  Continuing



All Contractors


Mike Temple
David Baggerly
Lucretia Hammond


Service for Individuals Experiencing Homelessness


Establish procedures for working with The Way Home and individuals experiencing homelessness. 


Workforce Solutions is the Gulf Coast region's public workforce system.  We help any individual who asks for our assistance find a job, keep a job or get a better job.

We have been working internally to ensure staff have the knowledge, tools, and experience necessary to help individuals experiencing homelessness.  We:

  • distributed surveys to staff in our system to identify gaps in services to individuals experiencing homelessness;

  • sent our facilitator/ navigator team to offices to answer questions and role-play various scenarios about helping individuals experiencing homelessness;

  • developed an e-learning module in our learning management system - "Connecting the Dots: Employment and Homelessness";

  • added an overview of employment services for individuals experiencing homelessness to our Workforce Academy for new employees;

  • offered join training with Workforce Solutions and homeless provider staff on a variety of topics to improve service to individuals experiencing homelessness;

  • provided space for homeless provider staff at some of our Workforce Solutions offices; and

  • sent Workforce Solutions employment counselors to some homeless shelter locations to provide employment service.

Current Situation

The Way Home (also known as the Coalition for the Homeless) and its provider network use a Coordinated Access system to find housing and offer a variety of supports for individuals experiencing homelessness and their families.  In partnership with Workforce Solutions, the Coalition for the Homeless network also provided employment assistance to customers experiencing homelessness; often through staff located in our offices.

  Although the Coalition service provider staff will no longer be located in our offices, we will continue our work with the Coalition in Fort Bend, Harris and Montgomery counties and continue providing service to individuals experiencing homelessness in our other counties as well.   We have developed a desk aid to provide guidance on continuing Income Now and offer help to staff for service delivery.


  1. Review the desk aid with staff.

  2. Make sure all staff are aware of the referral and service process for customers experiencing homelessness

  3. Make sure tracker staff are aware of our data-entry and tagging procedures


Staff should ask questions of their supervisors first. 

For more information or assistance, staff may also contact our system navigators:
Primary Contact -   Daniel Mabry
                                   713-953-9211 Ext. 2931

Backup Contacts -  Thelisa Lavergne
                                   713-953-9211 ext. 2961

                                   Velta Worley
                                   281-891-2850 ext. 253


Direct questions for Board staff through the Submit a Question link.


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