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17-10 Public Outreach Standards and Guidelines


WS 17-10

July 6, 2017

Contract Management

Expires:  Continuing



All Contractors


Mike Temple
Michelle Ramirez
David Baggerly
Lucretia Hammond


Public Outreach Standards and Guideline


Revise Workforce Solutions' Public Outreach Standards and Guidelines.

  The revised Standards and Guidelines replace the current guidelines issued in February 2013, the previous Graphics Standards Resource Manual, and issuance 09-11 Using Facebook.


An organization's identity is the foundation of outreach, marketing and communications efforts.  By applying our identity in a disciplined and consistent manner, we convey professionalism, credibility and quality.

The Public Outreach Standards and Guidelines establish creative and editorial guidelines and graphic and design specifications that contractors, vendors, and staff follow to present ourselves as a single organization serving our various customers.

The guidelines work together with the Brand Manual to maintain consistency and continuity of Workforce Solutions' identity in marketing, public relations, public information, social media and outreach activities.

The updated guidelines also coincide with our use of the national common identifier American Job Center and a new system to order, print, and deliver system materials.

  • We will include the common identifier "American Job Center" in addition to "Workforce Solutions" identifiers on all products, programs, activities, services, facilities, and related property and materials to ensure that the public is aware that all online and in-person services are part of a larger national network.
  • Through our public outreach contractor Savage Brands, we have moved to a new print-on-demand system that allows contractors to order customer materials on an as-needed basis using an online storefront (  Access to the system is limited to authorized users and is password protected. 


  • Ensure all staff members understand the Public Outreach Standards and Guidelines and accompanying Brand Manual.
  • Exhaust all supplies of existing printed materials before ordering new replacement materials.
  • Moving forward, all new materials must meet the current standards.
  • American Job Center window stickers will be made available to each contractor in the next several weeks


Staff should ask questions first of their supervisors.  Direct questions to the Board staff through the electronic Issuance Q&A.


The appendix to this issuance contains additional procedures and guidance that support the purpose of this issuance.  Staff must read and understand the material covered in the appendix.


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