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17-12 Reporting Negative Incidents 


WS 17-12

August 21, 2017

All Contractors

Expires:  Continuing



Workforce Solutions Contractors


Mike Temple
David Baggerly
Lucretia Hammond


Reporting Negative Incidents


To provide instructions for reporting negative incidents involving Workforce Solutions customers.  

This issuance replaces WS 11-03 Reporting Negative Incidents.


All negative incidents involving Workforce Solutions customers must be reported to H-GAC staff the same day of occurrence.  

  Negative incidents include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Any incident that causes death or injury;
  • Physical assault;
  • Property crimes such as vandalism or theft;
  • Events requiring police involvement;
  • Inappropriate sexual behavior; and
  • Any incident that results in negative media attention.

Procedure for Reporting Negative Incidents

Immediately following the occurrence of a negative incident, on the same day, staff must:

  • complete the Customer Incident Report form;
  • provide any relevant documentation;
  • submit the Customer Incident Report and relevant documentation to H-GAC via email to
  • title the email subject: Customer Incident Report - (Office name) (mm/dd/yy).

Submit updated information on a negative incident as it becomes available. This includes media material not available at the time of the first report and any materials submitted later by individuals involved in or having information about the incident.


Make sure appropriate staff, supervisors and managers have a copy of this issuance and the attachments and understand how to document and report negative incidents.


Staff should ask questions first of their supervisors.  Direct questions to the Board staff through the electronic Issuance Q&A.



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