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17-13 Reissued Equal Opportunity Standards and Guidelines


WS 17-13 Reissued

December 28, 2017

Equal Opportunity

Expires:  Continuing



Grant Associates
Lone Star College
Employment and Training Centers Houston Community College
BakerRipley San Jacinto College
Interfaith of the Woodlands
Wharton County Junior College
SER-Jobs for Progress
Houston Center for Literacy
Dynamic Educational Systems, Inc.
College of the Mainland
Harris County Department of Education
Brazosport College


Mike Temple
David Baggerly
Bobi Cook
Lucretia Hammond


Equal Opportunity Standards and Guidelines


Revise Workforce Solutions Equal Opportunity Standards and Guidelines

Summary of Changes

We have made several additions and updates to the information and requirements in the Equal Opportunity Standards and Guidelines:

  1. Clarification of job duties and added requirements for contractor Equal Opportunity Officers (see Section I)
  2. Added required training for Equal Opportunity Officers (Section VI)
  3. Updates to the bases of discrimination (Section I and V)
  4. Updates to requirements for accessible workstations (Section IV) 
  5. Revisions to many documents. A complete list of revised documents follows at the end of this issuance.


  1. Designate an Equal Opportunity Officer who meets requirements.
  2. Print updated copies of the Equal Opportunity is the Law notice in both English and Spanish, and replace current copies (including those on the large EO boards in each full-time career office and in the Service is Our Priority binders for part-time locations).
  3. Save screen reader friendly Equal Opportunity is the Law notice, in both English and Spanish, to each accessible workstation.
  4. Update copies of the Orientation to Discrimination Complaint form and Financial Aid Application.
  5. Ensure all staff receive required training to understand the Equal Opportunity Standards and Guidelines.


Staff should ask questions first of their supervisors.  Direct questions to the Board staff through the electronic Issuance Q&A.

Attachments and Updated Equal Opportunity Documents

Equal Opportunity Standards and Guidelines, revised 12/13/2017
Orientation to Discrimination Complaint Form, revised September 2017 (English and Spanish)
Equal Opportunity is the Law Notice, revised October 2017 (English and Spanish)
Screen Reader Friendly Equal Opportunity is the Law Notice (English and Spanish)
Financial Aid Application, revised November 2017 (English and Spanish)
Interpreter Service Desk Aid, revised 11/09/2017
Discrimination Complaint Log Desk Aid, revised 11/27/2017
Section 188 Modified Checklist, revised 11/27/2017
Accessible Workstation Checklist, revised 11/27/2017
Workforce Solutions Complaint Form, to be revised January 2018


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