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17-17 Updated Board Targeted Industries and Demand Occupations Lists

WS 17-17

November 12, 2017

Employer Service, Basic & Expanded Service, Financial Aid

Expires:  Continuing



All Contractors


Mike Temple
Michelle Ramirez
David Baggerly


Updated Board Targeted Industries and Demand Occupations Lists


Issue the Gulf Coast Workforce Board’s latest guidance on key regional industries and demand occupations. This issuance replaces WS 15-09..


The Gulf Coast Workforce board targets the resources it controls – and influences those controlled by its partners in the regional workforce system – with its strategic plan and a series of supporting lists: 1) Targeted Industries, 2) Where the Jobs Are, and 3) High-Skill, High-Growth Careers.

We use these lists to guide not only the Board’s strategic investments, but also to help our residents build careers in industries and occupations with good prospects and higher wages.

Because the labor market changes – and we continually update our information about the market – we periodically refresh these lists to reflect those changes.

We have developed a number of resources to help businesses, individuals, staff and community organizations better understand high-skill, high-growth careers in the Gulf Coast region. We make these resource available on our website at

Using the Lists

Targeted Industries
We use this list to help guide strategic investments of money and resources in our key regional industries.  We also use this list to help guide actions of the Employer Service Division.

Where the Jobs Are
This is our “hot jobs” list showing those occupations that are growing.  We don’t use wage or other kinds of criteria to refine the list; it consists entirely of those jobs in which we expect to see openings over the next 10 years.  We also use this in providing career information and guidance to customers.

High-Skill, High-Growth Occupations (List) (Booklet).
This is our demand occupations list.  We use it as the basis for our system’s career information and guidance work.  The occupations on this list represent good careers with higher than average wages, skill levels and employment opportunities for the next 10 years.  We work to promote these occupations to our customers and the general public throughout the region.

We also use the High-Skill, High-Growth Occupations list to guide our offers of Workforce Solutions’ financial aid to customers.  Those labeled with “*/$” represent occupations that we support with scholarship for new career or career advancement training.  The occupations supported with Workforce Solutions scholarship are a sub-set of the High-Skill, High-Growth Occupations.  For more information about new career training and career advancement training review WS Issuance 15-11.

The occupations labeled “Not Eligible” are not supported with our training dollars. Although, these occupations are High-Skill, High-Growth and represent viable career opportunities, we believe sufficient resources, labor supply, and/or training solutions already exist and our training dollars would not make a significant impact.


Online Training

•    New Occupations added to the High-Skill, High-Growth Occupation list:


Occupational Title

New Career Training = *
Career Advancement
Training = $


Insurance Claims & Policy
Processing Clerks

Not Eligible


Insurance Sales Agents

Not Eligible



Not Eligible


Market Research Analysts &
Marketing Specialists

Not Eligible


Personal Financial Advisors

Not Eligible


Operating Eng. & Other
Construction Equipment



Preschool Teachers, Ex.
Special Ed.3

Not Eligible


Bus & Truck Mechanics &
Diesel Engine Specialists



Flight Attendants5

Not Eligible


Heavy & Tractor-Trailer Truck

Not Eligible

Career Exploration Resources

Customers, staff and community organizations frequently use Workforce Solutions’ career exploration tools to make informed employment and training decisions.

Between our lists, booklets, posters and other tools, there are a number of different resources available at

Education & Training Vendors

Our education and training vendor network is currently open to vendors to submit applications to provide basic skills education, career training or career advancement training. Vendors may visit our Become A Vendor page for more information.


Please make sure all staff members at every level are aware of the information provided here.


Staff should first ask questions of their managers or supervisors.  Direct questions for Board staff through the Issuance Q&A.




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