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Career Planning Resources - Community Outreach Tool Kit

Content List (Doc)

Resources for Public Access

Success in the New Economy (WVM)

Pocket Brochure – English / Spanish (Doc)

Outreach Tools for Staff Use

Booking the Presentation

Letter of introduction - English (Doc)

Letter of introduction - Spanish (Doc)

Phone script - English (Doc)

Phone script - Spanish (Doc)

Presentation synopsis - English (Doc)

Presentation synopsis - Spanish (Doc)

Promoting the Presentation

Flyer template - English (Doc)

Flyer template - Spanish (Doc)

Email text - English (Doc)

Email text – Spanish (Doc)

Bulletin announcement – English (Doc)

Bulletin announcement – Spanish (Doc)

PowerPoint Slide – English (PPT)

PowerPoint Slide – Spanish (PPT)

Preparing your Presentation

Title slide master - English (PPT)

Title slide master - Spanish (PPT)

Content slide master – English (PPT)

Content slide master - Spanish (PPT)

Staff Orientation (PPT)

Career Planning - Generic (PPT)

Expanding the Reach of the Presentation

Newsletter article - English (Doc)

Newsletter article - Spanish (Doc)

Parent email text - English (Doc)

Parent email text - Spanish (Doc)

Web Icons

Career Cube Banner 225x225 - English

Career Cube Banner 225x225 - Spanish

Career Cube Banner 720x90 - English

Career Cube Banner 720x90 - Spanish

Career Planning Banner 225x225 - English

Career Planning Banner 225x225 - Spanish

Career Planning Banner 720x90 - English

Career Planning Banner 720x90 - Spanish

Flyer - English (PDF)

Flyer - Spanish (PDF)

Career Cube Poster - English (PDF)

Career Cube Poster - Spanish (PDF)

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