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Issuances By Year


If you have a question pertaining to the new Issuances listed below, please contact us by submitting a question. Leave us your name, email address, phone number and your questions or concerns. We will respond shortly! Please Submit a Question

09-13 UI Exemptions for Approved Training 11/24/09 (PDF)

09-11 Replaced by 17-10

09-08 Replaced by 12-09 

09-09 Changing the Way We Recruit Unemployment Insurance Claimants 09/17/09 (DOC)

  Orientation Information - "Thank You!"  (PDF)
  Where to Look - General information   (PDF)    

09-07 Replaced by 18-08

09-06 Priority for Veterans Reissued 03/04/10 (DOC)
  Picture of poster  (PDF)
  Picture of information card  (PDF)

09-04 Managing Financial Aid: Change to Child Care Financial Aid Eligibility 01-08-09 (DOC)
  Financial Aid Qualifications   (PDF)

09-03 Testing and Assessment Toolkit 12-31-08 (DOC)
  Testing and Assessment Toolkit Matrix  (DOC)
  Testing and Assessment Toolkit Questions and Answers  (DOC)
  Testing and Assessment Toolkit Implementation Guide  (DOC)

09-02 Replaced by 12-09 

09-01 Financial Reporting - Instructions for Contract Year 2009 10-02-08 (DOC)
  H-GAC Workforce Contracts 2009 Financial Reporting Policy and Procedures (DOC)
  Cost Category Descriptions  (DOC)
  Matrix  (XLS)