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Issuances By Year


If you have a question pertaining to the new Issuances listed below, please contact us by submitting a question. Leave us your name, email address, phone number and your questions or concerns. We will respond shortly! Please Submit a Question

10-21 Using the Job Search Map 10/06/10 (PDF)

 Job Search Map (DOC)

10-20 Revised H-GAC Workforce Solutions Contract Management Policies and Procedures 08/30/10 (DOC)

 Contract Management Policies and Procedures August 2010 Revision (DOC)

10-19 Replaced by 15-01 08/10/10 (DOC)

10-17 Managing Financial Aid: Change to Child Care Financial Aid Eligibility 06/10/10 (DOC)

10-15 WeCan Project 05/11/10 (DOC)
 WeCAN Works Employment Counseling Confirmation Form (DOC)

10-13 Replaced by 13-19 

10-12 New Office Posters 04/29/10 (DOC)
 TAA Project poster snapshots (PDF)
 RIO Project poster snapshots  (PDF)   

10-11 Re-Issued  Managing Financial Aid/Scholarships  08/27/10 (DOC)

10-08 Processing and Documenting Referrals for H-2A and H-2B Postings 04/15/10 (DOC)
 E-50 Job Seeker Agricultural Check List and Instructions (DOC)
 E-83 US Department of Labor Protection for Farmworkers (PDF)
 Employment Eligibility Verification Certificate (DOC)
 I-9 (PDF)

10-06  Tagging Customers as WIA: Changes and Clarifications 04/09/09 (DOC)
 Workforce Solutions Work Application Addendum Instructions Revised 09/14/15(DOC)
 Documenting Eligibility for WIA Dislocated Worker Desk Aid Revised 02/28/11  (DOC)

10-05 Replaced by 13-19

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