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Opportunities in Energy Industry

Eager to fill thousands of high-skill, high-growth jobs in the energy and chemical industries, ExxonMobil Chemical Company is working to recruit high school graduates and returning military veterans seeking a challenging and satisfying future.

Partnering with 9 Houston area community colleges, ExxonMobil has committed $500,000 to fund the Community College Petrochemical Initiative, which will grow the pool of skilled workers in the Gulf Coast Region.

What is in Energy?

Energy companies provide 48% of the economic support and development across the Gulf Coast region.  This includes companies in exploration and production; oil field services; refining and chemicals; distribution and pipelines; power generation; and alternatives like wind, solar and bio-fuels.  This industry is effectively working with Workforce Solutions, community leaders, schools, and economic development to ensure that we have these high-demand, high-skill jobs for the future.  As the industry begins to replace the pioneering workforce and add high tech expansions many opportunities are becoming available.

Jobs in the Industry

Regionally this industry is growing and going.   Every month we are adding new information about the High Skill/High Demand jobs in the Focus On section.   This section provides up-to-date information about the companies, jobs, salaries and the educational requirements for the job.  Sign up today to receive an email when a new job is added.

Best Career Information. – This quarter, we are highlighting a local company who has gone the extra mile to provide information about their jobs – Shell.  Check out the exciting new opportunities in sales, supply chain, research and development and energy services. Some companies post their jobs on their corporate websites.  Be sure to check them out here.

There are many jobs becoming available that require various levels of training.  Learning more about these jobs and watching real people doing real jobs is just a click away. careeronestop The Department of Labor has produced an exciting new publication for the workforce of tomorrow.  Take a look at where you could be someday. careeronestop.

Career of the Month. – One of the most important roles in refining and petrochemical facilities is the Operator/ Process Technician.  According to the North American:  “As an operator/process technician, you’ll control, monitor and troubleshoot equipment. Your strong oral and written communication skills will enable you to work effectively in a team environment and update oncoming crews at shift changes, maintain data logs, prepare reports and other materials. You’ll apply your knowledge of math and science to use the latest computer systems to control multi-billion dollar plants.”  We are proud to be working with NAPTA to share more information with you.  Check the opportunities at NAPTA.  If you are interested scroll down to the next section to find out how you can enroll in a program of study near you.

Featured Career in Industry - Across the industry there are many important jobs that we will be highlighting.  This month, we are exploring the role of the Petroleum Engineer.  To learn more about this job, the Society of Petroleum Engineers has developed a very helpful website for students, teachers and parents. energy4me.

Industry Salaries.  In most cases, starting salaries for entry level hands-on jobs in this industry is double minimum wage for the state.  As you progress to earn an industry specific certification, the salary increases.  Associate degree level technicians and operators appreciate that they are making as much as 5 times minimum wage.  Degreed engineers or scientists with experience are earning six figure salaries with bonuses.   To begin your career, please review the information about certificates and degrees right below.

Veterans To Energy. Check out a new American Petroleum Institute (API) website that encourages veterans returning to civilian life to consider pursuing an exciting career in the energy industry., The site includes information on the Energy Industry and has profiles of people who have successfully made the transition.

Education Certification Programs

Certificates and Degrees in the Industry
This industry needs qualified, well-trained people.   If you are interested in improving your resume and marketability you may want to consider attending a developmental class, obtaining a certificate, or getting a higher level degree.  Many local companies are partnering with high schools, community colleges and universities to help you achieve your dream.  Information about available classes in your area is provided below – enroll today.

My Energy Gateway

Associations that support this industry are critical to success.  They provide industry training, lesson plans for teachers, factual information for the public, recruitment and retention programs, mentoring for new employees, data and interpretation for government review, and collaborative strategic planning forums. To learn more about them, we have provided a direct link based on their area of expertise.
Chemical Energy
Geological Engineering
Oceanographic/Maritime Engineering & Manufacturing
Engineering & Maritime Petroleum & Gas
Minerals Mining
Manufacturing Petroleum
Health, Safety, Environment Process Technology
Alternative/Renewable Wind
Transportation and Logistics  
Teachers and Parents
We know that you want the best for the children in your lives.  This industry is supporting many national and local programs to help teachers and parents guide children into successful pathways.  To help you, we have provided direct links to those websites by category.
Government Organizations Regional Organizations
Associations and Institutes Private Organizations
Company Websites Houston Science and Engineering Fair (WMV)
Learning about EnergyMicrosoft PowerPoint Icon
An exciting new feature available for Teachers to use in the class room provides up-to-date information about the Energy Industries. Click here
Financial Aid
The industry and many of the companies support scholarship programs through recognized organizations.  A partial list is below. Most community colleges and universities can assist with further information on local and national scholarship providers.   If you are looking for additional information please reference our Financial Aid web-page.
Industry Supported Scholarship Programs

American Indian College Fund

Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund

Hispanic Scholarship Fund Inroads
United Negro Scholarship Fund  
Future Workforce Solutions

Every day we come across new material developed by employers and associations.  We will feature this material as a way to encourage collaboration, recognize outstanding performance and provide transferable solutions across the region.  To jumpstart this section, we developed the Adopt a School Toolkit for Employers.   If you have a cool tool that you want to share, let us know about it and we will feature it in this new section.  

Solutions Stars :
Marine Technology Society for developing the “How to Start and Sustain a Summer Internship Program for High School Students”.

Society for Petroleum Engineers for developing the website and Women in the Oilfield.

Center for the Advancement of Process Technology for developing the Employability posters.




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