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Workforce Solutions by Industry - Health Services

Workforce Solutions is working to help area employers address current and future labor shortages in key industries. These industries are being identified by their rapid growth, as well as by verifiable current or projected labor shortages in high-skill, high-wage occupations.

National Business Learning Partnership
Doing Business on the Gulf Coast: A Study In Success

  • Chapter 5: Information pertaining to the Health Care Industry Initiative

Why Healthcare?

The Workforce Solutions chose to target services to the healthcare industry because it is important to the Gulf Coast region. Employment in the healthcare industry is 6.4% of total regional employment, and hospitals alone in the region employ over 72,640 people. Projections for a number of key occupations in the hospital industry demonstrate a strong and continued demand for trained individuals into the foreseeable future.

Data from a 2002 American Hospital Association landmark report entitled, "In Our Hands: How Hospital Leaders Can Build a Thriving Workforce," reports survey data from Fall 2001 as follows:

Job Categories in Which Hospitals Are Experiencing Workforce Shortages
Registered nurse - 84%
Radiology/nuclear imaging - 71%
Pharmacy - 46%
Lab/medical technolog - 27%
Nursing/clinical aides - 20%

Average Hospital Vacancy Rates for Key Hospital Occupations
Registered nurses - 13.0%
Imaging specialists - 15.3%
Pharmacists - 12.7%
Licensed practical nurses - 12.9%
Nursing assistants - 12.0%
Billers/coders - 8.5%
IT technologists - 5.7%
Housekeeping/maintenance - 5.3%

 The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that 2.2 million replacement health workers and 3.1 million new health workers will be needed by 2010.