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From time-to-time, Workforce Solutions solicits organizations to provide specific services for our customers or our system.
We currently have open solicitations for the following:

  • Career Training
  • Career Advancement Training
  • Basic Skills Education
  • Work and Education Support
  • Early Education and Care Providers

We invite organizations or individuals interested in being an approved vendor for our currently open solicitations to submit applications.
Contact us to receive help with our application process.
Anthony C. Gillum, Training Vendor Procurement Coordinator
Workforce Solutions Financial Aid Payment Office
(713) 975-7409 ext. 2903

Career Training

Career Training education and training programs provide people with occupation-specific knowledge and skills. Programs may vary from traditional instructor-led classes to synchronous e-Learning opportunities. Programs must award a competency-based credential (such as a certificate or degree). Examples of Career Training skills education and training programs are Registered Nursing, Welding and Petroleum Engineering.

We will only approve Career Training programs that prepare people for employment in occupations on the Workforce Solutions High-Skill, High-Growth Occupations Supported by Scholarship List.

How to apply:

Career Advancement Training

Career Advancement training consists of short-duration workshops, seminars, or courses which equip customers with industry-recognized certifications and/or build on existing skills related to one of the Board's High-Skill, High-Growth Occupations. Career Advancement training may include testing/assessment to demonstrate competency and may also include training to allow an individual to transition existing skills from one occupation or industry to another. Examples of career advancement training include SAP training, additional welding training (MIG, TIG, Fluxcore, etc.), and Network + training.

How to apply:

Basic Skills

Basic skills are those skills that generally equip customers with the ability and understanding necessary to enter the workforce and be an active participant in work across a variety of occupations. We are looking for vendors who will provide:

  • Computer skills training (programs that teach customers non-job specific computer skills from introductory courses on how to use a computer to specific software products as the Microsoft Office Suite)
  • Adult basic education (programs that teach people basic literacy, remedial education or GED preparation or teach them how to speak, read or write English.

  • We are also looking for vendors who provide job readiness skills training (programs that teach customers non-technical skills and how to function in different work environments.)
    • We approve job readiness skills programs in response to employer demand.
    • Courses may include an overview of a group of jobs or information about working in a specific industry. Courses do not teach occupation-specific skills (how to do a job). For example, a job readiness skills course might provide customers with an overview of the construction industry, and teach them basic safety training and terminology used in a variety of construction jobs. Courses may include instruction in problem-solving and other cognitive skills, oral communication skill, personal qualities and work ethics, and interpersonal and teamwork skills. (Note: We will not approve stand-alone courses that teach communication skills, problem-solving, team work, etc. They must be part of a larger, more comprehensive job readiness skills training program as described above.)

How to apply:

  1. Review the Education and Training Vendor Network Standards and Guidelines (PDF).
  2. Review instructions on submitting an application.
  3. Submit an application for basic skills training (DOC).

Work and Education Support

Work and Education Support vendors provide services that help customers obtain or maintain employment, or attend a work-related education and training program.  We are currently seeking vendors who provide the following services:

We are looking for certified Public Transit Providers vendors to help customers attend classes that prepare them for work, look for work, and get to work. We may ask approved transportation service vendors to expand their own transportation services or arrange transportation services for customers through other local transportation providers. We are looking for transportation service vendors in our thirteen county region which includes Austin, Brazoria, Chambers, Colorado, Fort Bend, Galveston, Harris, Liberty, Matagorda, Montgomery, Waller, Walker and Wharton counties

Foreign Language Translation and Interpreter Service

  • Interpretation - We are looking interpretation service vendor to help customers communicate with Workforce Solutions staff. Service may be provided either by telephone or in person.
  • Translation - We are looking for translation service vendors to help Workforce Solutions staff translate written documents into languages spoken by customers.

How to apply:

Early Education and Care Providers

Workforce Solutions establishes payment arrangements with child care vendors throughout our 13 county region. Customers choose a vendor from our established list of vendors to receive services for their children. Please review the Child Care Vendor Handbook document on this page for details on the requirements to be a vendor with Workforce Solutions.

If you are interested in becoming a vendor with Workforce Solutions, call 1-888-469-JOBS (5627) and choose the option for the Financial Aid Office.

Some commonly used vendor forms are located on this page and can be filled out online, printed and sent to our Financial Aid Office. For many of these forms, the action can be completed through our Child Care Vendor Connection.

Vendor Complaint Process

In order to provide high quality educational and training services to our customers, Workforce Solutions has in place a Vendor Complaint Process. Any customer, Workforce Solutions staff, or an interested or affected individual may file a complaint about services received from Workforce Solutions; you can download the Vendor Complaint Process (PDF).

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