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Career Exploration

There are many careers from which people can choose, but recognizing which industries and occupations lead to good wages and adequate employment opportunities can be challenging.  We are often limited by our personal experiences.

To help you prepare for good job opportunities Workforce Solutions has gathered information on key industries and in-demand occupations in the Gulf Coast region. These resources provide critical information on potential careers including wages/salaries, projected job openings, job growth as well as education and training requirements.

We encourage you to use these tools to make informed decisions about both career and educational opportunities.

*Note: We are in the process of updating our career planning materials. During this transition, some pages will still have 2014-2024 projection data.

Industry Profiles

The following targeted industries are critical to the Houston-Galveston region's economic future. They employ large numbers of workers, are typically fast-growing, and pay above average wages. 

Targeted Industries List - Updated 02/05/19

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& Utilities

Finance &

& Business

Education &
Health Services



Occupations in Demand

  • Where the Jobs Are - A comprehensive list of occupations projected to offer the largest number of employment opportunities now and in the immediate future. The Where the Jobs Are list is a fantastic resource to use if you are interested in locating occupations that present the greatest employment opportunities (Updated 02/05/19).

  • High-Skill, High-Growth Booklet - The booklet contains brief descriptions about each high-skill, high-growth occupation, provides useful facts and offers interesting labor market information about popular career choices. It is best used when searching for in-demand occupations in our region.

High Skill, High Growth Magazine Cover      HSHG Magazine

Occupation Profiles

The Occupation Profiles present an in-depth look at our high-skill, high-growth occupations.  Each profile goes beyond simple labor market information to offer a more detailed view of each occupation, to include suggested high school coursework, local training providers and major employers who hire individuals within respective occupations.

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Preschool Teachers


K-12 Teachers


Career & Technical Education Teachers


Special Education Teachers


School Counselors



Licensed Vocational Nurses


Radiologic Technicians

Medical & Clinical Laboratory Technologists

Medical Records Technician

Physical Therapists

Occupational Therapists

Speech Therapists

Registered Nurses


Biomedical Engineers


Specialty Construction


HVAC Mechanics

Advanced Welders

Plumbers, Pipefitters, Steamfitters


Construction Equipment Operators

Cost Estimators

Civil Engineers

Oil & Gas and Related

Chemical Plant Operators

Service Unit Operators

Geological & Petroleum Technicians

Petroleum Pump System Operators

Industrial Machinery Mechanics


Chemical Engineers

Health & Safety Engineers

Industrial Engineers

Materials Engineers

Marine Engineers


Mining & Geological Engineers

Petroleum Engineers

Professional & Technical

Aerospace Engineer

Electrical Engineer

Electrical Engineering Technicians

Environmental Engineer

Mechanical Engineer

Computer Systems Adminstrators

Computer Systems Analyst

Applications Software Developers

Systems Software Developers


Personal Financial Advisors

Market Research Analysts & Marketing Specialists

Insurance Sales Agents

Insurance Claim & Policy Processing Clerks




Mobile Heavy Equipment Mechanics

Bus & Truck Mechanic & Diesel Engine Specialists

Heavy & Tractor-Trailer Truck Drivers

Flight Attendants

Additional Resources for Individuals

There are many career exploration resources from local, state and national organizations. We have gathered a full list of some of the most requested. To view, click here.


Apprenticeship Finder
An apprenticeship combines on-the-job training and specialized classes to help workers enter highly skilled occupations. Workers earn a salary while gaining valuable skills.  

PetroChem Works 
This site informs students and prospective candidates about education and career opportunities in the Gulf Coast's thriving petrochemical industry.

Dream It. Do It. Southeast Texas 
Dream It. Do It. Learn about manufacturing careers in our region.

Steel Toe Pro 
Learn about the many specialized occupations in the construction industry. Craft jobs involve fabrication, assembly, and installation of components and materials in buildings, industrial facilities, roads and infrastructure, shipyards, and the oil patch.

UpSkill Houston 
A place where you can learn about the many well-paid, rewarding careers that require less than a four-year college degree-and the steps to achieving them.

Texas Career Check
Texas Career Check offers information on hundreds of job titles, pay information, and future projected jobs, this interactive website can help answer your education and career exploration questions.

O-Net Interest Profiler 
The O*NET Interest Profiler can help you find out what your interests are and how they relate to the world of work. You can identify what you enjoy most then decide what kinds of careers you might want to explore.

Additional Resources for Educators

  • When I Grow Up - The When I Grow Up curriculum offers career lessons, activities and resources for educators, parents and young people (Grades Pre-K - 12). The curriculum uses fun and exciting activities to expose young people to a variety of high-skill, high-growth career possibilities and important labor market information.

    The High School curriculum has a number of lessons which focus on skills identification, career exploration and employability and job search skills.  The When I Grow Up Workbook (DigitalPDF) not only illuminates many of these lessons in a fun, interactive way, but it also helps students translate their interests and values into potential career options.

    There are a number of other resources to explore within the curriculum, such as, Texas Reality CheckThe Hard FactsMy Next Move and the My Future, My Way Workbook.

    Elementary School Curriculum      Middle School Curriculum      High School Curriculum
    Elementary School
    Middle School
    High School
  • Occupational Posters - Complete with labor market information and descriptions about each occupation, posters can be printed in flyer size or as large as 22x34. Coupled with descriptions and important labor market information, posters provide a clearer picture of each of our targeted occupations.

  • Occupational Poster - Engineer      Occupational Poster - Teacher      Occupational Poster - Accounts and Auditors

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Hiring Events

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