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How to Become an Approved Career Training Vendor

Career Training - Refers to courses or programs which prepares an individual to a job specific occupation
(ex: Licensed Vocational Nurse and Plumbers).

We use an online, web-based system to process applications from prospective vendor organizations. In order to use this system to create and submit applications for approval, you must first have a User ID and Password

  1. First, we suggest you go to the online application system and read through Applying for Certification section.

  2. Read the instructions under the heading Obtaining Access to Secured Sections of the ETPS site.  Fill out, print, sign and submit a Provider Assurance Statement (PAS) Form.  It usually takes about 1 week to activate your User ID and Password.

  3. After access has been given click here to enter your User ID and Password.

  4. Upon approval, a contract will be completed and sent for signature.  Upon completion of the contract, you will be eligible to provide services to Workforce Solutions customers.

  5. All approved educational and training programs leading to specific occupational or professional degrees or certifications are listed on the ETPS website. When your application has been reviewed and approved, it will be listed here.

Application Process may take up to 120 days to complete

Application renewal process
Vendors must renew programs on the Education & Training Vendor Network annually.  We will provide information before the end date for these programs about how vendors may recertify. We may request updated information from the vendor before renewing the application.

If you need more information and/or are interested in submitting a renewal application to provide career training, click here.

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