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Chemical Plant Operators

Chem-is-try this out!

Chemical Plant Operators, orSystems Operators, operate, monitor and troubleshoot the manufacturing process used to make many products. Operators work both indoors and outdoors using knowledge of computers, math, physics, and chemistry to keep plants running safely and efficiently.

Chemical plant operators are in short supply due to an increased need for operators in the oil & gas industry, aiding the manufacture of petroleum-based products (e.g. curtains, hand lotion, dice, and footballs among other things). 


  • Good benefits and pay
  • Excellent training available at local colleges
  • Numerous job openings with multiple shift options
  • A rewarding career for the highly skilled and motivated

If earning a great salary is a top priority, then consider a career as a Process Operator!

Entry $49,114 Median $73,150 Experienced $82,705

Start Early and Be Prepared!

High School Endorsement: Business & Industry

The base requirement to be a chemistry plant operator is a high school diploma or the equivalent, but as more and more employers seek further educated workers with technical skills, it is more beneficial to enter a program to earn an associate's degree in Process Technology.

A strong knowledge of computer technology, math and science is required for successful completion of a Process Technology program. Strive to get good grades throughout high school and seek college preparatory and advanced placement programs. To get ahead, take a Fast Track Certification class at the local community college while still in high school. Work with your high school and community college counselors to ensure that all credits will transfer.

Once employed, a short-term on-the-job training will commence for about one year under the supervision of a more experienced operator before you can become a full-fledged chemical plant operator. 

The Gulf Coast region needs over 3,500 Process Operators by 2028!

2% Growth

Growth 8 Retirement 84 Transfer 308

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Chemical Plant Operators

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