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Elementary School Grades P-5

TEKS-aligned career education lessons for grades pre-K through 5 in the Houston-Galveston region

TEKS-aligned career education lessons for grades pre-K through 5 in the Houston-Galveston regionPre-K, Kindergarten and 1st Grade2nd and 3rd Grades4th and 5th GradesLearn About Careers, Making Career Choices, Curriculum Support and Other Resources.

Download the entire Pre-K, Kindergarten and 1st Grade, 2nd and 3rd Grades, 4th and 5th Grades curriculum.

Download the When I Grow Up - Elementary School Cover Page, Section Dividers and Binder Spine.


Aid students in exploring a variety of careers in Texas.

Lessons: Pre-K
Blackline Masters: Pre-K, English
Blackline Masters: Pre-K, Spanish


Kindergarten and 1st Grades

Learn more about each of the careers and what they do.

Lessons: K-1
''When I Grow Up'' Career Map
Blackline Masters: K-1, English
Blackline Masters: K-1, Spanish



2nd and 3rd Grades

Engage the economic importance of these jobs.

Lessons: 2-3
Article on Scarcity
Blackline Masters: 2-3, English
Blackline Masters: 2-3, Spanish

Harvey the Bee

4th and 5th Grades

Create connections between careers and their impacts on the Texas economy.

Lessons: 4-5
Blackline Masters: 4-5, English
Blackline Masters: 4-5, Spanish




Making Career Choices

Reality Check Assessment

Other Resources

Using When I Grow Up in my region
Success in the New Economy (9.35 minutes video)

Watch a variety of videos on different occupations in 16 career clusters.
Career Videos

Workforce Solutions YouTube Account

Learn About Careers

High-Skill, High-Growth Occupations
The Hard Facts
Gulf Coast Labor Market Information

Curriculum Support

"When I Grow Up" Coloring Page Templates
''When I Grow Up'' Career Map
"When I Grow Up" Trading Magnets
"When I Grow Up" Career Posters -11x17 (Eng./Span.)
"When I Grow Up" Career Posters -24x36 (Eng./Span.)
Activity Book

Activity Book, Single Pages



For more information about When I Grow Up and other resources that Workforce Solutions offers for educators, contact:

Workforce Solutions is an equal opportunity employer/program. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities. Texas Relay: 1.800.735.2989 (TTD) 1.800.735.2988 (Voice) or 711

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