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Planning & Measurement

The Gulf Coast Workforce Board is accountable for leading and governing the workforce system in the 13-county Gulf Coast region of Texas. It is the sole workforce board in this region and one of its primary responsibilities is strategic planning.

A great challenge for the Board is setting the direction and focus for workforce activities in the region and using its limited resources to leverage the larger system and reach Board-established results. Accomplishing ambitious goals would be impossible without a strategic plan that clearly describes, and precisely quantifies, what results the Board expects of the regional workforce system.

The Gulf Coast Workforce Board is committed to its Strategic Plan (PDF)  and to revisiting that plan regularly to ensure it is reflective of the needs of the community. As a result, every major decision, every program and every project is examined for its "fit" with the Board's vision.

The Board's strategic plan is a guide for managing the regional workforce system. Board members and staff use it to drive the system forward towards four achievable results:

  • More Competitive Employers
  • A Better Educated Workforce
  • More and Better Jobs
  • Higher Incomes

We use 24 measures to assess progress toward achieving these results.  For an explanation of our measures, baselines and targets, please click here.

Mission, Vision and Core Values

At the heart of every decision made and every action taken by the Gulf Coast Workforce Board is the Board's Mission, Vision and Core Values.

Mission Statement - The Reason We Exist

The Gulf Coast Workforce System helps employers solve their workforce problems and residents build careers, so both can better compete in the global economy.


Vision Statement - The Future We Aspire To

For The Gulf Coast Region:

  • The Gulf Coast of Texas ranks among the top ten economic regions in the world.
  • Employers have an adequate supply of well-educated and well-trained workers, which enables them to compete in the global economy.Residents have the knowledge, skills and aptitudes to work and earn incomes that make them self-sufficient.
  • The region is among the most attractive places in the country to live and work.

For the Workforce System:

  • A single, integrated workforce system offers solutions for employers' workforce problems and helps people build careers. Employers access the system and use its services without leaving their place of business.

For the Gulf Coast Workforce Board:

  • The Gulf Coast Workforce Board sets the regional workforce agenda. It is widely recognized for its excellence as a leader and governing board and for its commitment to making a difference.

Core Values
- Our Strongly Held Beliefs

  • Innovation
  • Productivity
  • Accountability
  • Results

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