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Where the Jobs Are
July - August

Total Nonfarm Employment in the H-W-S MSA experienced a loss 16,000 jobs in September as it dealt with floodwaters from Hurricane Harvey that shut down many businesses across the region. The Leisure and Hospitality industry was hit the hardest with payrolls falling 5.7 percent, down 18,600 jobs. Sharp September declines are expected to be temporary with most of the jobs lost being recovered over the next several months. Unfortunately, some of the smaller privately-owned businesses, especially in the coastal regions, may never reopen their doors.

The pace of job growth in the H-W-S MSA fell by eight-tenths of a percentage point to 0.7 percent with payrolls up 19,500 jobs over the year. Several industries managed to report improvements in their pace of job growth including Mining and Logging, Manufacturing, and Financial Activities. Strongest job growth remains in Manufacturing where payrolls were up 13,300 jobs or 6.1 percent over the year. While strongest losses were in Construction, down 11,000 jobs or 5.1 percent over the year, the industry is expected to benefit during the reconstruction phase of Hurricane Harvey.

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Durable Goods Manufacturing has been the driving force behind gains in Manufacturing with payrolls up 12,800 jobs or 9.4% over the year. 

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Employment Services, where staffing agencies are found, has been the driving force behind gains in Professional and Business Services adding some 10,200 jobs over the year, up 12.8%.

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Leisure and Hospitality  is temporarily reporting an over-the-year loss due to many businesses being temporarily shut down due to Hurricane Harvey. Hiring is expected to recover over the next several months.

 Where The Job Are - map Education and Health Services (Private) added 9,000 jobs over the year, up 2.3%. 
  1. Educational Services added 2,200 jobs over the year, up 3.7%.
  2. Ambulatory Health Care Services, where most health care related businesses outside of hospitals are found, has added 3,700 jobs over the year, up 2.4%.
  3. Hospitals have added 2,900 jobs over the year, up 3.3%.

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Financial Activities has added 3,200 jobs over the year, up 2.1%

  1. Credit Intermediation and Related Activities was up 1,100 jobs or 2.5% over the year.
  2. Insurance Carriers and Related Activities have added 1,600 jobs to payrolls over the year, up 4.6%.
 Where The Job Are - map

Local Government Educational Services  added 18,100 jobs over the month with payrolls up 4,400 jobs or 2.2% over the year.     



The thirteen-county region's rate of unemployment fell four-tenths of a percentage point to 4.8% in September and was nine-tenths of a percentage point lower than a year earlier.


For more detailed job growth information, see the monthly reports located at Understand the Local Labor Market.

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1. Monthly data is not available at the thirteen county Gulf Coast Region level and is only provided for The Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land Metropolitan Statistical Area (H-W-S MSA). The H-W-S MSA includes the following counties: Austin, Brazoria, Chambers, Fort Bend, Galveston, Harris, Liberty, Montgomery, and Waller
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