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Issuances By Year


If you have a question pertaining to the new Issuances listed below, please contact us by submitting a question. Leave us your name, email address, phone number and your questions or concerns. We will respond shortly! Please Submit a Question

12-19 Replaced by 13-04

12-18 Replaced by 13-25

12-17 Gold Standard Evaluation - Updated Procedures and Guidance 09/26/12 (DOC)

12-16 Replaced by 13-16

12-15 Managing Financial Aid - Parent Share of Cost - Replaced by 16-12

12-14 Customer Handout-Financial Aid 08/16/12 (DOC)
 Financial Aid Customer Handout  (PDF)
 Stickers for use with paper handout  (PDF)  

12-13 Removed

12-12 Replaced by 13-09

12-11 Managing Financial Aid - Eligibility Case Reviews 07/19/12 (DOC)
 Financial Aid Review CDF Letter (DOC)
 Financial Aid Application Letter Inclusion (PDF)

12-09 Replaced by 13-14

12-08 Replaced by 13-13

 12-07 Telephone Customer Service Standards 06/05/12 (DOC)
 Telephone Scripts (DOC)

 12-06 Replaced by 15-08

12-04 Employment Counselor Performance Expectations and Hiring Events 03/12/12 (DOC)
 Hiring Events Desk Aid  (DOC)

12-03 Replaced by 13-07
12-02 Reissued  Performance Expectations for Employment Service Staff 05/10/12 (DOC)

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