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Issuances By Year


If you have a question pertaining to the new Issuances listed below, please contact us by submitting a question. Leave us your name, email address, phone number and your questions or concerns. We will respond shortly! Please Submit a Question

18-01 Federal Tax Credits and No-Cost Tax Filing Assistance - HTML (DOC) (01/30/18)

18-02 Texas Payday Wage Claim Process (DOC) (01/31/18)

18-03 Rapid Re-Employment:  Back to Work - HTML (DOC) (02/08/18)

18-04 Managing Financial Aid - Child Care Standards and Guidelines - HTML (DOC) (02/08/18)

18-05 Reporting Negative Incidents- HTML (DOC) (03/01/18)

18-06 Talent Development Standards and Guidlines - HTML (DOC) (03/01/18)

18-07 Managing Financial Aid/Income Guidelines - HTML (DOC) 03/20/18

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