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17-01 - Special Initiatives


WS 17-01

January 3, 2017

Employment Service

Expires:  Continuing





Mike Temple
David Baggerly
Michelle Ramirez
Traci Nolen
Lucretia Hammond


Special Initiatives


To communicate information about our special initiatives.


With a system as large as ours, communicating important information about policies, procedures, and special directives is critical yet challenging.  We use issuances, alerts, spreadsheets, newsletters and other tools to disseminate information to our system.

While these tools are effective, there are many special initiatives with which we are involved that do not always get communicated.

Although most of these special initiatives affect one office or a group of offices, our customers travel and may visit any of our offices.  Oftentimes, customers will inquire about a special project and we are unaware of the project; do not know who to contact; and may provide poor customer service.


To help bridge this gap, we have developed a Special Initiatives web page, which contains information about each project, special guidance for staff, and contacts for each project for additional questions.

We will update this page as new projects begin or existing projects end or are revised.    Review the webpage to become familiar with the projects.  Continue working to understand the many resources Workforce Solutions provides to better assist your customers. 


Staff should first ask questions of their managers or supervisors.  Direct questions to the Board staff through the  Submit a Question.

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