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Workforce Solutions Financial Aid

Using the Online Financial Aid Application for Staff (DOC) (PDF) 01/14/21
Using the Online Financial Aid Application for Customers (DOC) (PDF) 01/14/21
DocuWare Document Labels (PDF) (12/18/20)
WIOA Eligibilty Chart (DOC) (PDF)10/19

High Poverty Census Tracts 02/22
Transportation Expenses (PDF) 04/19/17
Financial Aid Limits by Type of Assistance (PDF) 11/20
High Skill High Growth Supported by Scholarships (PDF) Updated 11/02/17
Tagging Youth Flow Chart  (PDF) 
WIOA Youth Eligibility Guidelines (DOC) (PDF) 02/08/21
Glossary of Terms For Tagging WIA Youth  (PDF)
Desk Aid - Parent Share of Cost (DOC) 11/01/19
TRS Discount to Parent Share of Cost Worksheet 04/30/21 (XLS)
FACS Issues Types (PDF) 04/25/14 
FACS Desk Aid Career Offices (PDF) 06/01/13 
Attendance Card Violations (PDF) 
Child Care Authentication Guide (PDF) (DOC) Updated 06/23
Documenting Referrals - Child Care - TANF/Choices or SNAP E&T (DOC) 06/25/13
Vendor Corrective and Adverse Action Desk Aid (PDF) 10/10/13
Financial Aid Income Guidelines (DOC) (PDF) Revised 12/22/22
Validating and Entering Qualifications for Financial Aid (PDF) 07/07/22
Transportation Expenses (DOC) 04/19/17
Cash Card Integrity Review Process (DOC) 05/25/17
Locating Fast-Track Courses in ETPS (DOC) 03/12/18
Parent Share of Cost Worksheet (XLS) 09/21/20
Initial Job Search Child Care Desk Aid (DOC) (PDF) 07/21
Amazon Purchasing Process (DOC) 10/21

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Workforce Solutions Labor Market Information

GCWB Where the Jobs Are (PDF)  Updated 10/09/17
GCWB Targeted Industries (PDF) Updated 10/09/17
GCWB Targeted Occupations (PDF) Updated 10/09/17

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Workforce Solutions Customer Service

Comprehensive Needs Assessment  (PDF)
Delivering Effective Workshops  (PDF)
Fidelity Bonding Desk Aid (Word Doc)
Federal Fidelity Bonding for Texas Employers- Flyer  (PDF)
Interviewing Tips (PDF)
Potential Challenges to Finding-Keeping a Job  (PDF)
Texas Payday Wage Claim Process (PDF)
Top 10 Tips for Staying Employed (PDF)
Work Search Assessment Desk Aid (PDF)
Creating a Job Posting Flowchart  (PDF)
Hire Verification Guidelines (PDF) Revised 02/06/17
Hiring Events Desk Aid (PDF)
Veteran Service Desk Aid (DOC) Updated 02/25/15
TWIST Counselor Notes Guidelines (DOC) (09/06/16)
TWIST Counselor Notes Subject Lines Desk Aid (DOC) Revised 06/07/18
TWIST Counselor Notes Training Guide for Supervisors (DOC)
A Desk Aid for Job Seekers (PDF)
Service to Individuals Experiencing Homelessness (DOC) 09/21
Homeless Management Information System Desk Aid (DOC)
Online TABE Desk Aid (PDF) 07/09/19
New WIT WP Employment and Education Fix Quick Pick (DOC) 09/21
Online Learning 03/22
Specialized Metrix Licenses Desk Aid 03/22
RESEA Career Transitioning Services (CTS) DW Statewide Project Data Entry Desk Aid (DOC) 10/22

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