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Financial Aid Services

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Issuances :
- Managing Financial Aid Issuances by Date
- Managing Financial Aid Issuances by  Subject
- Other Financial Aid-related Issuances by Date
- Other Financial Aid-related Issuances by Subject
Job Aids:
Child Care Attendance Card Staff Videos
- Child Care Excessive Absence Webinar
- Desk Aids
- FA Process
- FACS Training
Process Charts
Customer Information and Resources


- Vendor Network Standards and Guidelines (DOC) 07/08/2021
- Child Care Standards & Guidelines (DOC) 04/2023
 - Financial Aid Technical Assistance Guide (to be developed)             
- Trade Act Rules and Procedures
- Workforce Solutions Financial Aid Manual
- Identifying, Reporting, Determining, and Resolving Fraud, Waste, Theft and Abuse Standards and Guidlines (Doc) 06/23/21
- Workforce Solutions Financial Aid Process
- Youth Employment Playbook (DOC) 06/09/21
- National Dislocated Worker Grant (NDW) (DOC) 03/07/2023
- NDW Eligibility VEQ (XLS) 10/21


Managing Financial Aid Issuances


2017 Managing Financial Aid Issunaces
2016 Managing Financial Aid Issunaces

2015 Managing Financial Aid Issunaces
2014 Managing Financial Aid Issuances
2013 Managing Financial Aid Issuances
2012 Managing Financial Aid Issuances
2011 Managing Financial Aid Issuances
2010 Managing Financial Aid Issuances
2009 Managing Financial Aid Issuances

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Notifying Registry Customers of Available Financial Aid
Scholarship Registry/Wait List/Scholarship Contribution Limits
Documenting Referrals - Child Care - TANF & SNAP
Deny or Discontinue Financial Aid
Continued Funding
Desk Aids
Child Care Attendance-Excessive Absences
How Staff Work Together
Cash Substitutes
Parent Share of Cost
Eligibility Case Reviews
Transportation Expenses
Checking Age Restrictions
Using SNAP E&T Funds After Employment
Change to Child Care Financial Aid Eligibility
Change to Child Care Financial Aid Eligibility

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Other Financial Aid-related Issuances


2014 Other Financial Aid-related Issuances
2013 Other Financial Aid-related Issuances
2012 Other Financial Aid-related Issuances
2011 Other Financial Aid-related Issuances
2010 Other Financial Aid-related Issuances
2009 Other Financial Aid-related Issuances

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Emergency Unemployment Compensation Re-employment Assistance (EUC-REA)
Procedures for Trade Affected Customers
Customer Handout - Financial Aid
New Requirements for Emergency Unemployment Compensation
Work Addendum Revised
Notifying Customers That Financial Aid is Available
New Financial Aid Application
ATI Schools Ineligible for Workforce Solutions Financial Aid
Supporting UI Appeals
Changes to Trade Adjustment Assistance
Tagging Customers as WIA: Changes and Clarification
UI Exemptions for Approved Training
Changing the Way We recruit Unemployment Insurance Claimants

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Application Packet 

Application booklet - Fillable (English) (Spanish) Revised 01/15/18
Self Certification - Fillable (English) (Spanish)
Employment/Income Verification For (English) Revised 08/17/21 (Spanish)
Income Reconstruction Sheet Self-Certification - Fillable (English) (Spanish)
Individual Referral/Cost Obligation Form - Fillable (English)
Monthly Expenses Worksheet - Fillable (English) (Spanish)
Orientation to Complaint Procedures Form (English)  Revised 10/21 (Spanish) Revised 10/21
Self Employment Income Verification - Fillable (English) (Spanish)
Authorization To Work - Checklist (English) 12/20
Initial Job Search Child Care Addendum (English) 11/22

Attendance and Progress Report- Fillable (English)  (Spanish) - Example of Completed Form Revised (06/06/16)

A1 Request for Board Review Childcare and Scholarship (PDF) 05/17/21

A2 Request for Board Review Childcare Only (PDF) 05/17/21

Financial Assistance Request Form (XLSX) 11/13/20

Disability interview form (DOC)

Financial Aid Disagreement (DOC)

Hold Harmless Form (DOC)

People requesting notice of funds availability for financial aids (XLSX)

Time Limited form (DOC)

Trade Adjustment Act

Vendor Forms

Regulated Vendor Agreement and Rate Schedule 07/21
Relative Vendor Agreement and Rate Schedule 07/21
Certification of Relationship Form  Revised 11/17/10
Direct Deposit for Providers  (DOC) Revised 10/22/12
Direct Deposit Form and Information  (DOC) Revised 10/22/12
How to Receive Payments from Workforce Solutions to Care for a Child Related to You  (DOC) 06/04/13
IRS Form W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number - Spanish
Relative Vendor Application Packet

How to Receive Payments from Workforce Solutions to Care for a Child Related to You (DOC) 06/04/13
IRS Form W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number - Spanish
Direct Deposit Form and Information (DOC) Revised 10/22/12
Certification of Relationship Form (DOC) Revised 11/17/10
Vendor Handbook (DOC) Revised 10/21

Texas Rising Star Childcare Vendor Agreement (DOC)

Vendor Notice of Excessive Child Care Absences (DOC) 10/26/12

W-9 English (DOC) Revised 10/22/12

W-9 - Spanish (DOC)

Financial Stability Guidelines (DOC) 05/21

Work Based Learning

Worksite Application (DOC) 06/08/21
Worksite Safety Review form (DOC) 08/08/21
Worksite Monitoring Visit form (DOC) 06/08/21
Corrective Action form (XLS) 06/08/21
Hire Houston Youth (HHY) Process Map (PDF) 06/08/21
Worksite Supervisor Handbook (DOC) 07/08/21
Work Base Learning Time Sheet (DOC) 07/08/21

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Definition of Parent Waiver Request Letter (English) (DOC)
Notice of available funds letter (English) (Spanish) (DOC) 10/31/13
Award Letters
Called from wait list letter (English) (Spanish) (DOC) Revised 11/11/13
Confiscated card letter (English) (Spanish) (DOC) 03/07/13
Confiscated card notice to parents (English) (Spanish) (DOC) 03/07/13
Customer Notice of Closed Funds (English) (DOC) Revised 04/08/19
Denying Financial Aid - Customer Notice Denying FA w/Reason (English) (Spanish) (DOC) Revised 02/26/13
Discrepancy Letter (English) (Spanish) (DOC) Revised 07/09/13
Excessive Absence - 1st notice (English) (Spanish) (DOC) Revised 11/07/12
Excessive Absence - 2nd notice (English) (Spanish) (DOC) Revised 11/07/12
Notice to recertify (English) (Spanish) (DOC) Revised 09/05/12
Parent fee adjustment (English) (Spanish) (DOC) 11/08/12
Placed on wait list (English) (Spanish) (DOC) Revised 11/11/13
Reached age limit (English) (Spahish) (DOC) Revised 09/05/12
SACC UI letter for parents (English) (DOC) Revised 09/05/12
SACC UI wage letter to vendor (English) (DOC) Revised 09/05/12
Scholarship Registry Letter Call-In Letter (English) (DOC) Revised 07/27/12 
Scholarship Registry Entered (English) (DOC) Revised 07/25/12 
Self-withdrawal confirmation (English) (Spanish) (DOC) 11/08/12
Setting Appeal Hearing Letter (English) (Spanish) (DOC)
Suspension - Medical Leave (English) (Spanish) (DOC) Revised 10/29/12
Suspension - Parent not working/in school 25 hours (English) (Spanish) (DOC)  
Upholding/over turning our decision (English) (Spanish) (DOC)
Vendor Adverse Action Parent Notification Letter (English) (Spanish) (DOC) 10/10/13
Vendor Adverse Action Parent Notification (English) (Spanish) (DOC) 10/10/13
We agree with your appeal (English) (Spanish) (DOC)
Your parent fee is (English) (Spanish) (DOC) Revised 09/05/12
Suspension - After 4 weeks seeking work (Enlgish) (Spanish) (DOC)
Suspension - Child does not need care (English) (Spanish) (DOC)

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Customer Complaint - Appeals Process (DOC)


A1 Appeal  Form - Does Not Offer Financial Aid During Appeal - (English) (Spanish) (DOC) Revised 02/26/13
A2 Appeal  Form - Does Offer Financial Aid During Appeal - (English) (Spanish)  (DOC) Revised 02/26/13


Setting Appeal Hearing Letter - (English) (Spanish) (DOC)
Upholding/Overturning Our Decision Letter - (English) (Spanish ) (DOC)
We Agree With Your Appeal Letter - (English) (Spanish) (DOC)

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Job Aids

Desk Aids

Addendum Instructions (DOC) (PDF) Revised 12/20
Child Care Attendance-Excessive Absences
Dislocated Worker
Family & Income Definitions Revised 01/27/21 
Financial Aid Income Guidelines (DOC) (PDF) Revised 12/22/2022
Funding Stream/Services Matrix Revised 10/18/11
High Skill, High Growth Occupations Supported by Scholarship (PDF)
Reasons to Deny Chart (DOC)
Sample TWC letter to Trade Affected Workers - Form BT-1 Revised 10/31/12 
Staff Instructions for Completing the Agreement Revised 03/04/13
Validating and Entering Qualifications for Financial Aid 07/07/22
Financial Aid Eligibility Glossary (DOC) 04/18/17
Financial Aid Limits by Type of Assistance (PDF) 11/20
Transportation Expenses 04/19/17
AEL Requirements Playbook (PDF) 07/21
Manual Attendance Process for 5 Consecutive Absences (DOC) 04/29/21

FA Process (PPT) coming soon

FACS Training

Process Charts

Contact a Customer Receiving WFS Financial Aid about Continuing/Discontinuing Financial Aid
OJT Process Revised 04/22/14

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Customer Information and Resources

Using the Online Financial Aid Application for Customers (DOC) (PDF) 01/14/21

HCTC brochure for customers 

How to Receive Payments from Workforce Solutions to Care for a Child Related to You (DOC) 06/04/13

Parent Handbook - (English) Revised 04/27/21

Vendor Handbook (DOC) Revised 10/21

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