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Welcome to Workforce Solutions Training and Development page.  The resources here provide you with information to help you build skills and progress in your career at Workforce Solutions.

You are one of 1,100 people working for Workforce Solutions in more than 34 offices located throughout the Gulf Coast region.  Workforce Solutions provides on-going skill building and training opportunities through the National Workforce Institute (NWI).  NWI is a training and certification organization dedicated to the development of public workforce professionals.

Login to the NWI portal for certification or to enroll in a class.  Once you have logged in, click on the appropriate icon:

For Pre-Test click on Pre-Test
For Certified Workforce Professional (CWP) click on CWP
For Certified Workforce Expert (CWE) click on CWE
For class enrollment click on LMS


To view a list of class offering click on Workforce Solutions Training Calendar.

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